Full Moon in Virgo

The Diamond Mind Enchantment

A Virgoean Full Moon is the most opportune time to work with the traits of clarity and refinement. When your channel from source is crystal - the receiving of information, blessings and opportunities are bestowed without doubts or obstacles.  When making choices that are intuitive and true to your heart's alignment, a deeper illumination and even more direct channel to source is cultivated.  In doing so, utilizing this deep clarity; purpose and meaning in all things guide your way, and each decision you are faced with along your path will fortify and uplift you, rather than deplete.    

Depletion from the frequency of higher truth causes an obscure view of ones most powerful vision and manifestation of life.  Obstacles and doubts will block the view.   This enchantment will assist you to be clear, be crystal and receive the highest refinement of your vision. Illuminate your life with the clarity of guided intention. 



Virgin Coconut Oil

Herkimer Diamond or Diamond

small non-metallic bowl


Warm a healthy amount of virgin coconut oil on low heat.  Pour the oil in a shallow bowl and place the herkimer diamond in the center of the bowl.

Let the oil cool under the light of the Full Moon. 

Create a trine in your minds eye from the Moon, to your 3rd eye to the herkimer in the center of the bowl.   Link the three points with a crystal light beam as you chant outloud with a mantra or affirmation of your choice.  Choose carefully, as these are your "magic words".    

You are creating a guiding constellation with your trine.  

Meditate for 11 minutes in the trine constellation, in complete reverence to the source's navigation.   


Let the bowl of herkimer coconut oil cool and harden for 2 hours.  


When finished, remove the herkimer from the oil and place the oil in another container. 

Annoint this magickal balm on your 3rd eye, heart and 3inches below the navel.  Connect with the navigation constellation in your minds eye, ask, and hear the answers you seek. 


(++A bigger batch may be infused, wherein you may eat a spoonful of the oil in addition to the anointing++) 


In Love,