$45 (15min)  $75 (30min)  $120 (60min)

Past Life - $90 (30min)




sms/voicemail: +1 323 543 5863

all appointments must be by referral, thank you.



Celestial Attunement - $285

Celestial Attunement is a flower-based, gentle yet powerful energetic healing therapy.

The process incorporates:


·       Aromatherapy

·       Flower-Therapy

·       Flower-Essence Therapy

·       Meditation / Mantras

·       Sound Healing

·       Invocation

·       Nature Magick

·       Gemstone Elixir Therapy

·       Past-Life Reading / Clairvoyance

·       Crystal Healing

·      Floral Acupuncture

·       Light Grids


Celestial Attunement balances disharmonies within the ten bodies:

Soul Body

Negative Mind

Positive Mind

Neutral Mind

Physical Body



Pranic Body

Subtle Body

Radiant Body


When all 10 bodies are in balance, harmony is achieved with the natural, symbiotic rhythms of the universe.  Celestial Attunement encourages a state of being at peace, in alignment, and joy.

 The Celestial Attunement Healing includes a preliminary reading that draws upon a combination of tarot, past-life and clairvoyant techniques.  This stage also allows for the client to ask any specific lifestyle questions.

Clients then receive a personalized anointing ritual incorporating the use of magical mineral and botanical compositions. The custom blends are composed of the rarest, 100% organic, biodynamic, ethically farmed or wild harvested pure essential oils, gemstone and flower elixirs. These botanical compositions are used alongside invocations and mantras in collaboration with Spirit Guides, ancestral, elemental and Angelic allies.   

Celestial Attunement is ideal to incorporate into a long-term program promoting a lifestyle of spiritual and physical balance.  Consult Myla for further details.