New Supermoon in Pisces

Pathways to Dream Vision Enchantment


This is my kind of moon! An eclipse and a Supermoon! It's a paradise working with dreaming, and I mean that in the sense that the possibilities are endless.  In the dreaming,  expansiveness is key. This Supermoon in Pisces is just that: expansive. This is a wonderous time to renegotiate anything and everything you feel is possible, opening up to higher and higher frequencies of light, which create a flow and ease teeming in symbolism and Magick.  Use this moon to open up realms to the astral, in the dreaming, in your deeper visions of intuitive personal mythology and prophecy.  This enchantment helps heal the past and make your new dreams come true!







lavender essential oil or flowers

mugwort essential oil or flower essence

chamomile and/lemongrass or a dream tea


*(not all elements are needed- use what you have) 


Heat a pot of your herbs or dream tea.


After it cools a bit, place your charged crystals in the tea. *

With clean hands, place your left hand over your heart and your right hand in the Golden Triangle mudra: touch the index finger, middle finger and the thumb together like a bird of paradise flower and dip your fingertips lightly in the tea. As you do this, begin to hum or sing with seed sounds "ahh-eee-ay-lah" in that order-  a song from your heart (can be as simple or complicated of a melody as you like) - try not to sing or hum a tune that is "known". Use your heart to guide your song. Connect with your wishes and any deep healing in your life you would like to address.   While you sing, feel sunlight and moonlight merging from your heart throughout your body,  illuminating it and culminating at the point where your fingertips touch the liquid. 


Draw a bath.  

Place the crystals, teabag or herbs from your tea, 7 drops lavender essential oil, 7drops mugwort oil, or herbs into the bath water.  Repeat your dream song ceremony as you charge your bath the same way you charged your tea. When you are ready, submerge yourself in the water, and drink your tea.


Let your mind be still and your heart and minds eye be open as you allow the Magick waters to bless you.  


leaving the bath, take a moment to form your left hand into the bird of paradise mudra, placing a drop of lavender and mugwort on the tips and annoint your third eye, crown of head, 3inches below navel point, sacral point and tops of feet keeping your hand in this mudra with each touch. 


Place the crystals underneath your pillow before sleeping and record any dreams or visions you have within the next 3 days. 


In love,



**++this spell may also be used in conjunction to prepare those before astral traveling, lucid dreaming or dream yoga++**