New Moon in Capricorn

Magnetic Abundance Enchantment  

This new moon cycle begins in focused Capricorn.  Direct, magickal and with full intent, Capricorns precise juju is best used in happenings related to the earth plane, this world, this reality.  Enhancing your intentions by the consecration of the tools that enable you to create your world is blessed under this time and this sign.  Living in true integrity with your souls' purpose, a connection to the heartbeat of our beautiful planet, and the determination of the creative will are traits under Capricorn that allow this moons' enchantment to inspire the most brilliant visions of your ambitions, prayers and healing. Magnify the blessings with respect and gratitude. 


Frankincense oil

Patchouli oil


Write out any intentions of matters related to goals, ambitions, finances, and makings. 


Use the frankincense oil and anoint all objects you use in relationship to those intentions; for example, if you are a writer or you would like to enchant your newest novel you have yet to begin, anoint your laptop keyboard, pen or pencil. Anointing is a spiritual practice, it is not necessary to use too much of the oil, it is in the vibration and holding of the intention that brings forth the Magick.  If you are a singer, annoint the skin around your lungs and your throat chakra. You see?! 

There cannot be too few or too many objects.  


Say out loud a statement of your own, blessing and thanking the tools of your trade. 


Take the patchouli oil and anoint your money, credit cards and wallet. You also do not need to douse your money in the oil! A single drop rubbed into your fingertip may be enough for all the items.   (This is also an effective spell anytime you desire to amplify your financial standing)


Then say outloud a blessing and gratitude for the abundance that is present in your life. 


In Love,